Ang Ginagawa kapag hindi makatulog ang isang Mikay Maghirang.

Anonymous said:
Hi, I'm not sure how this works but do you need to have a tumblr account to submit art? Or can you just tweet your work with the tag #kathnielweek?  


Hi! You don’t necessarily have to have tumblr. Though this focuses more on Tumblr, Twitter users could also join since we also created a twitter account so that people who dont have tumblr could still join. You could tag it #kathnielweek in twitter then you could also tag us so we it’d be easier for us to retweet! (@kathnielweek) Pls. help in encouraging the fandom to join because this is a good activity for us to see how talented the fandom is! :D thanks for the question

EDIT: you don’t submit art here. You post it in your own tumblr account and you tag it as #kathnielweek (in the first tag please! Also no space!) :)

Paano bumanat ang isang Patrick Rivero? ♥



"OMG! With that kind of face, confirmed! Totoo nga na mas kailangan mo nga ako!"

Grabe ang lakas-lakas ng chemistry nila. Napaka-natural!